Can I get discount?

Can I get discount?

Can I get discount?
During the shopping process, people often notice if Hengdian has special offers and choose whether to buy our products based on these activities. There are several ways to find out about Hengdian promotions:

HengDian's homepage or product detail page
When we have discounts, we ourselves open product pages on our website with simultaneous updates to show you the promotional information it offers. On these pages, we usually clearly mark the current promotions offered, such as limited time discounts, full discounts, etc. You can browse these pages to know the current promotions.

Platform activity page
It is important to know that we have many channels of online sales paths, especially e-commerce platforms, which regularly launch various promotional activities and display the information of participating sellers and products in the platform activity pages. Generally speaking, these activities cover multiple categories and are larger in scale and impact than individual sellers' promotions. For everyone, in addition to our official website, you can also learn about our online store on top of Alibaba. By visiting the platform activities page and filtering the relevant conditions, you can quickly find the activities and product information that Hengdian is participating in.

Search function
You can use the search function of the e-commerce platform to find the list of products corresponding to a certain keyword of Hengdian products. These product listings may come with promotions such as discounts or the use of coupons, and you can choose to buy based on this information. On some e-commerce platforms, you can also get the latest promotion information by setting keyword alerts.

Coupons and Red Packets
Hengdian issues coupons and red packets from time to time on all e-commerce platforms for buyers to offset the price of goods when shopping. We usually post the coupon or bonus information on our own store or product detail page, or through the event page within the platform. Buyers can receive these coupons or red packets to enjoy a more favorable shopping experience.

Social Media
We post offers on social media, such as for example, YouTube, INS, Facebook, etc. Buyers can get the latest promotion information by following Hengdian's accounts on social media.

In short, being aware of Hengdian's special offers will help you choose items more wisely and save money on your purchases. We welcome your inquiries!