How to Clean Brass Jewelry

How to Clean Brass Jewelry


Brass jewelry is so popular these days, cleaning brass jewelry is pretty easy, and we want to share with you the many ways you can keep your brass jewelry sparkling!

How to Clean Brass Jewelry
Brass jewelr
Brass jewelr
Brass jewelry is very popular today because it is more affordable than buying gold. Cleaning brass jewelry is fairly simple, and we want to share with you the many ways you can keep your brass jewelry shiny!

New brass jewelry is known to be shiny and look as good as gold! Brass materials can dull or lose their luster over time. Don't worry, this metal shines easily and looks like new! Brass discolors when the metal gets wet, and it's completely natural whether it's worn in the shower or from sweating from our bodies.

Sometimes when brass metal jewelry loses its luster, it becomes more of a bronzer. Patina is green that is covered with a layer of brass. Patina can make your jewelry look more antique and can add character to your pieces. When this process happens, it may or may not be desirable for you. 

If you wish to preserve the patina in your jewelry, simply wash the jewelry with soap and water. Cleaning brass jewelry with soap and water can help remove dirt and grease from items. Make sure not to use a polishing cloth as it will remove the green you want. Make sure to use a soft cloth to wipe the water off the jewelry so the jewelry doesn't leave any watermarks when it dries. 

If you're looking to remove rust from brass jewelry, here are some home remedies you might be interested in trying. You can try some options with some items you may already have in your home!

Five ways to clean brass jewelry

1. Soap and water to clean brass jewelry

When your brass jewelry could use some spruce, try washing it with soap and water first! Just grab a towel or soft towel and warm it up with lukewarm water. Gently wipe any dirt or grime off the brass jewelry with a mild soap. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry completely after you've done everything! Leaving water on your jewelry can cause unwanted water spots after your hard work!

2. Vinegar and salt to clean brass jewelry

Add about a teaspoon of salt to half a cup of white vinegar and mix it into a solution in a glass bowl. Either on the stove or in the microwave, heat the solution slightly until warm. Mix the solution and place the brass jewelry in a glass bowl. Make sure your brass jewelry is fully immersed in the solution and sit for at least 10 minutes. When you take your brass jewelry out of the solution, you can use a cloth to wipe off any tarnished or easily accumulated dirt. 

3. Vinegar and baking soda to clean brass jewelry

Just like the previous mix, use white vinegar. Take some baking soda and mix it with some vinegar in a small bowl. You'll make a paste-like solution and apply it to your brass jewelry with a cloth or brush. Leave the paste on the brass jewelry for about 15 to 20 minutes and the acid and sodium will work synergistically to remove unwanted discoloration from the jewelry. Make sure to rinse off the brass jewelry thoroughly and dry it after the desired time is up.

4. Lemon or lime and salt to clean brass jewelry

Start by cutting a lemon or lime in half. Place the opening half in a small bowl of salt to make sure the surface area is covered with salt. Dab your brass jewelry with a salted lemon or lime. Add more salt as needed, and remember to be very gentle when scrubbing so that the salt doesn't damage or scratch your jewelry. Rinse off with water and let dry as new brass jewelry!

5. Toothbrush and toothpaste to clean brass jewelry

Use an old toothbrush and some toothpaste. The toughness of toothpaste can polish brass jewelry without scratching the metal. If it has any whitening properties it seems to work better, charcoal whitening is the best! Then make sure you wash the toothpaste off the brass jewelry (so the brass jewelry doesn't smell minty), and then make sure it's completely dry. If it gets wet then it will slowly tarnish again.

Caring for brass jewelry

More important than how to clean the brass jewelry is how to maintain it, so that you don't need to clean it! Make sure to store your brass jewelry in an airtight plastic bag when you're not wearing it so it doesn't tarnish while it's in place. If you want to be a little fancier, you can paint your brass jewelry with clear nail polish, which is temporarily completely sealed in the brass so it won't come into contact with any air or moisture and won't tarnish.

The above details how to clean and maintain brass jewelry. If you want to buy brass jewelry, please contact us.

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