Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide


If you don't know the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds and want to find out if zircon is suitable for an engagement ring. Here's what you can learn about cubic zirconia engagement rings.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide
Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to traditional diamond or gemstone engagement rings. The sparkle and luster of cubic zirconia mimic that of a diamond, and to the untrained eye, it looks very similar. These qualities make cubic zirconia a popular choice for couples on a budget who prefer the classic look of colorless dazzling diamonds. 

Cubic zirconia allows you to choose high-quality and low-cost materials that mimic the look of real diamond jewelry at a fraction of the cost. If you're looking for timeless brilliance in a gemstone, high-quality cubic zirconia perfectly mimics the appearance of a diamond or even sparkles like a diamond.

If you're curious about the difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds, and what metals go best with cubic zirconia, we're here to help if this gemstone is the right choice for your engagement ring. Learn what you should know about cubic zirconia engagement rings below. 

What to look for in a cubic zirconia engagement ring?

Here are a few questions and answers you should know before buying a cubic zirconia ring.

Is cubic zirconia suitable for engagement rings? 

If you like the look of a diamond but are on a tight budget, cubic zirconia is a cost-effective option. 

Which is better: Moissanite or cubic zirconia? 

Moissanite is a more durable mineral, but it is also more expensive and less clear than cubic zirconia. In addition, moissanite is a colored gemstone, while cubic zirconia is colorless, so it can easily be mistaken for a diamond. If you prefer looks to longevity, choose cubic zirconia. 

Which gemstones, cuts, settings, and materials work best with cubic zirconia? 

The benefit of cubic zirconia engagement rings is that they are affordable, so pairing them with other lower-cost but durable metals such as sterling silver or stainless steel can help keep costs down.

How to judge whether a cubic zirconia ring is of high quality? 

It will be a colorless stone without any color or any flaws that a diamond might have. It will also be very shiny, producing iridescent sparkles in its return light. It will not be chipped, scratched, or damaged.

How much is a cubic zirconia ring? 

You can find a high-quality, beautiful cubic zirconia engagement ring for less than $100.

How to care for a cubic zirconia engagement ring?

Although they look very similar, cubic zirconia is not a diamond. Diamonds are considered the hardest material is known to the world, making them extremely durable and impervious to any damage, thus requiring a lifetime investment.

Cubic zirconia has a Mohs hardness scale of 8-8.5, while diamonds have a scale of 10. Since cubic zirconia is a softer stone, you need to handle it more carefully if you want to prevent scratching the facets on the stone's surface.

As far as your cubic zirconia jewelry is concerned, please avoid contact with water, chemicals, and fragrances. These liquids may seep into the stone and set, causing damage, deterioration, and/or cloud.

The above briefly introduces the benefits of cubic zirconia rings as engagement rings. If you want to buy cubic zirconia rings, please contact us.

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