Brass Jewelry Guide

Brass Jewelry Guide


If you are considering purchasing or customizing brass jewelry, this article reveals the benefits of brass jewelry and some of the most frequently asked questions about brass jewelry.

Brass Jewelry Guide
Brass Jewelry Guide
Brass jewelry may not be as valuable as sterling silver or gold, but it is as stylish as a duo. This ubiquitous metal is a fashion staple in nearly every women's jewelry collection. Even men are not left behind. On a casual day, you'll find them rocking a brass ring or bracelet.

Over the years, this thousand-year-old metal has been used to make decorations, musical instruments, kitchenware, lamps, door handles, electronic components, and more. Today, it is gaining popularity in fashion for handmade and custom jewelry.

What is brass jewelry? Brass jewelry is any ornament made from brass, an alloy of two metals - copper and zinc. It has a warm, alluring golden hue, very similar to gold. Brass is affordable, making it the material of choice for many artisans and jewelry lovers.

If you're considering buying brass jewelry or even making some, you've probably already acknowledged its aesthetic appeal. This article reveals the benefits of brass jewelry, and we also address some of the most common questions surrounding brass jewelry safety and durability.

Is brass a good metal for jewelry?

Brass is a great jewelry metal. It is highly malleable, and an ideal quality for metal jewelers. It can be manipulated into almost any design with relative ease, whether it's intricate twists and cuts, or chunky shapes for statement pieces.

The new brass has a beautiful golden luster that makes for stunning jewelry. While the aged brass has lost a lot of its luster, some people do appreciate this rustic vintage look. They will even paint metal jewelry to look like old brass.

However, if you are not one of them, you can simply sand the brass to bring it back to its original luster. 

Also, the price of brass is much lower than what you would pay for pure gold. Therefore, it is an ideal alternative metal for affordable jewelry. You'll get a gorgeous golden dazzling look for a lower price.

Most importantly, brass is corrosion and rust-resistant. Jewelry made of brass will hold up well without spoiling. 

Is brass jewelry durable? 

Brass is a fairly hard metal. It's far from stiff, but it's tough. It will not crack or break under pressure but will stretch somewhat. Maintained in ideal conditions, brass will last for centuries. Therefore, brass jewelry is durable and may last longer if you take care of it properly.

Some of the conditions that destroy brass life include ammonia, moisture, and acidic and salty environments. Chemicals in deodorants, perfumes, and skin moisturizers are also harmful to brass. When not in use, store brass jewelry in a dry, preferably

Advantages of brass jewelry

Below are the main benefits of brass jewelry so you can decide what makes the most sense for your unique needs and jewelry creation.

Beautiful shades: Brass jewelry has this subtle and alluring yellow sheen, just like gold. This delightful look comes with some sophistication, elegance and class.

Affordable price: Besides gold, the pocket-friendly price of brass is another thing that makes it very attractive. You can get the coveted classic high-end golden glow for a lot less.

Durable: Don't let the flexibility of brass fool you into thinking its jewelry is weak. Brass jewelry has incredible tensile strength and won't break easily. If properly maintained, it can withstand a lifetime of use.

Corrosion and rust prevention: Brass jewelry will not corrode or rust. It contains zinc and copper, both of which are non-corrosive metals. Aluminum is sometimes added to enhance its corrosion resistance.

Low maintenance: You don't need expensive cleaners to clean brass jewelry. Simple everyday ingredients may already be in your kitchen, like dish soap, ketchup, vinegar or lemon juice, and all you need is a cloth or cotton ball to polish it off.

Is it safe to wear brass jewelry?

Some metals are notorious for being toxic - cadmium, lead, nickel, and mercury, to name a few. Therefore, it is essential to know your metal to avoid possible poisoning of metal jewelry.

Thankfully, pure brass is one of the safest metals for jewelry. It only contains zinc and copper, both of which are the right doses the body needs to stay healthy.

In fact, folklore says that wearing brass jewelry can improve a person's health. Wearing brass is said to boost energy levels and improve metabolism.

Regular wearing of brass is said to improve arthritis, headaches, and other ailments. While there isn't enough scientific evidence to prove it, it still looks good if you try it.

Brass jewelry - conclusion

Brass is an affordable, beautiful, versatile, and durable jewelry material.

It can tarnish over time and cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to metals, but it's easy to deal with. Sealing jewelry with a clear finish always solves both problems.

Jewelry made from pure brass is non-toxic and therefore safe, but it's not surprising to find lead and nickel as brass additives. Due diligence is essential when choosing brass jewelry, brass wire, or sheet metal for jewelry making.

When cleaned and stored properly, solid brass jewelry can outlast you and other generations.

The above briefly introduces the safety and advantages of brass, etc. If you want to customize brass jewelry, please contact us.

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