Breaking Down the Most Common Types of Jewelry Clasp

Breaking Down the Most Common Types of Jewelry Clasp


Jewelry clasps are an important part of jewelry, they help to enhance the style of jewelry. From lobster clasps to fishhooks, we give you the basics of the different types of jewelry clasps.

Breaking Down the Most Common Types of Jewelry Clasp
Types of Jewelry Clasp
When you think of jewelry design, many components may come to mind: the type of jewelry, the metals, and gemstones designed, the wear resistance of the piece, etc. An essential element of necklaces and bracelets that many overlooks is the clasp. Jewelry clasps are an essential part of function and safety, and they also help to enhance the style of a piece. From lobster clasps to fish hooks, we give you the basics on all the different types of jewelry clasps. 

Jewelry clasp type:

Box buckle

The box clasp most commonly found on tennis bracelets and necklaces is a stylish and sophisticated jewelry clasp. To secure the box clasp, one end of the jewelry will have a label that inserts into the box-shaped frame on the other end of the jewelry. 

Bead buckle

Sometimes called ball clasps, bead clasps are shaped like beads that flow seamlessly in necklace or bracelet designs. Most of the time, the bead has a hook fixed inside it, which will integrate with the jewelry once it is fixed.

Barrel turnbuckle

Similar to bead clasps, barrel clasps allow for uninterrupted flow in jewelry designs. One half of the clasp is threaded, similar to a screw, and the other half is screwed in. This type of class can be difficult to hold with one hand but works well on necklaces.

Fishhook clasp

As the name suggests, fish hook clasps are secured by hooking the metal hook on one end of the bracelet or necklace to the section on the other end of the jewelry. Don't let the name fool you, this type of clasp is very delicate. 

Magnetic buckle

Magnetic clasps have half of the clasp on each end of the jewelry and are secured by bringing the ends together. The clasp is polished and considered very secure and easy to use. 

Spring ring buckle

The spring-ring buckle is round with a spring-loaded lever that, when pulled back, opens the buckle and closes when the lever is released. Generally, spring ring clasps are very secure, but are sometimes difficult to secure with one hand. 

Lobster clasp

The lobster clasp is one of the most widely used jewelry clasps. The clasp resembles a lobster claw, with a lever on one side that opens the clasp when pulled and closes when released. Lobster clasps come in many shapes and sizes and are generally considered very secure jewelry clasps.

Toggle buckle

A clasp that is easier to secure yourself is the toggle clasp. The toggle clasp has a bar at one end of the jewelry and a circle at the other end. To secure, simply pull the rod vertically through the circle, then turn to the horizontal position after passing through the circle. 

Bolo buckle

Another jewelry clasp that is thought to be easy to fasten on your own is the bolo clasp. A bolo is usually a sturdy bead that holds the ends of a bracelet or necklace together. To secure the bolo clasp, simply slide the bolo to tighten the jewelry for a snug fit. This clasp allows you to adjust your jewelry to fit your body perfectly every time. 

If you have any questions about the different types of jewelry clasps or would like to custom-buy jewelry, please contact us. Our jewelry experts will be happy to assist you.

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