What if Your Ring is Bent?

What if Your Ring is Bent?


Usually, when you get a new ring, it's perfectly round, but if you look at it after a while, you might be surprised to see some changes in its shape. Why does this happen and how to fix it?

What if Your Ring is Bent?
Usually, when you get a new ring, it's perfectly round, but if you look at it after a while, you might be surprised to see some changes in its shape. While this doesn't happen to all rings, many of them bend over time. Why does this happen and how to fix it?

Why does the ring bend?

The main reason most rings bend is due to physical pressure, usually when you're wearing the ring to do some work. If the band of the ring is thin, it will be easier to bend it.

It's worth noting that rings made of softer metals like gold are more prone to deformation.

This type of ring is also more prone to wear over time and will thin out more quickly.

Which metal rings are easier to bend?

As mentioned earlier, gold is one of the most bendable metals, and the higher its carat, the softer and more pliable the gold is.

Another non-deformable metal is silver.

The softest metals aren't the only ones that can bend. Platinum is harder than gold, but a ring made of platinum can still change its shape, albeit not as easily - depending on the platinum alloy used (some of which are softer than others). Oftentimes, a white gold alloy can be harder to bend than a platinum alloy.

However, deforming a more durable metal like titanium requires some significant force.

How is the ring fixed?

Straightening a curved ring is not difficult without a gemstone setting. Jewelers use a tapered rod called a "mandrel" on which the ring is pushed down until it returns to its original shape.

If the strap of the flex ring becomes too thin, you may need to replace it, as reshaping it won't stop it from breaking in the near future. This replacement can be very expensive and is only recommended if the strap is too worn.

Repairing a bent ring with a gemstone is more difficult because the jeweler needs to be extra careful not to deform the setting and damage the gemstone.

Channel ring settings with gemstones embedded along the shank pose particular challenges, as any attempt to change the shape of the ring to the original can destroy the gemstone.

Due to the increased complexity of the restoration, restoring a curved gemstone ring is more expensive than restoring a regular ring.

You should also keep in mind that more durable metals that are harder to bend are also harder to repair. This is why if you need to reshape your tungsten ring, for example, it will cost more than restoring a gold ring.

How to avoid bending the ring?

The easiest way to keep your ring from deforming is to remove it when doing any strenuous work with your hands.

In general, if you want your ring to be more durable and long-lasting, buy a stronger ring.

This is especially recommended if you are buying a ring made of a softer metal like gold or silver - you want to make sure that such a ring wears more slowly.

However, eventually, all rings will wear out and sooner or later you will need to repair them.

The above describes the things you should pay attention to if your ring is bent. If you want to buy or customize jewelry, please contact us.

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