18 Types of Rings Everyone Should Know About

18 Types of Rings Everyone Should Know About


There are many different styles and types of rings to learn about. Below, the different types of rings are described to help you learn more about some of the most popular ring styles.

18 Types of Rings Everyone Should Know About
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When you hear the word "ring," diamonds and ornate cocktail garnishes probably come to mind. While the classic Tiffany solitaire ring is what you tend to see when you Google "rings," there are many different styles and types of rings, from traditional mother, rings to stackable rings to 70s mainstay mood rings need to know.

Below, expand your knowledge and learn more about some of the most popular ring styles. You may have worn some in the past or are considering adding a certain type to your jewelry collection.

1. Engagement Ring

A ring list wouldn't be complete if we didn't include the ultimate ring: the engagement ring! The history of trading rings in ceremonies goes back thousands of years. Metal rings are considered a symbol of blessing the bond of love.

2. Wedding Ring

Whether you want a classic gold wedding ring, a ring studded with sparkle, or something new and stylish like a tantalum ring, wedding rings are a symbol of your love and commitment to your spouse.

3. Stackable Band Ring

Stackable rings give you the option to create something completely unique for your wedding set. We recommend starting with a wide solid gold or diamond ring, as they tend to go with everything, but your stacking is entirely up to you. A few variations in the stack make it interesting. It's like a good mixtape.

4. Mood Ring

Mood rings were once in the limelight in the '70s and '90s, but they're still around today. These novelty rings claim to predict your mood based on color. Obviously, this has more to do with your body temperature than how you feel, but they're fun anyway.

5. Signet Ring

Signet rings are traditionally worn by influential people and have been worn since ancient times; they have even been found in the treasures of ancient Egyptian pharaohs! These days, you can customize your stamp in a number of different ways, and choose between sentimental vintage pieces or more contemporary designs. Engraving it with your initials, special symbols, or even your family crest.

6. Mother's Ring

Traditionally, a mother's ring includes each child's birthstone worn in a cluster. If that's not your go-to look, you can opt for an updated twist on your mother's ring by stacking gemstone rings together or by making them more modern with an updated cut and setting.

7. Birthstone Ring

Did you wear a birthstone ring as a child? Those mini gemstone rings you can buy at dollar stores or gift shops are a popular way to advertise your birth month to the world, or you might receive a special gemstone ring as a gift for a special occasion.

8. Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings don't have to be worn exclusively to make a statement. They are increasingly popular as engagement rings for couples looking for something unique and colorful. Cocktail rings became popular in the craze of the '20s and have never left.

9. Baby Ring

As the name suggests, baby rings are rings for babies. They first became popular in the Victorian era and as gifts for newborn babies. This petite ring can be worn on a chain as your child gets older.

10. Anniversary Band

Anniversary rings are often given on milestone anniversaries, such as the 10th or 20th, and are often worn as part of a wedding outfit. These rings can be gold, silver, or diamond rings, or they can be stacked with individual gemstones.

11. Claddagh Ring

The Irish Claddagh ring includes three key symbols: a heart for love, two hands for friendship, and a crown for loyalty. Claddagh dates back to the 17th century and is known for the messages it conveys depending on how it is worn. For example, if you wear it on your right hand with the heart facing you, it means you are in a relationship. If you wear it on the same hand with the heart facing outward, you are looking for love.

12. Right-Hand Ring

Right-hand rings are often considered that special piece of jewelry that you buy for yourself to celebrate a milestone - or just because you love it! A lot of people buy rings for themselves when they get a promotion, get a degree or achieve some personal achievement or commemorate an occasion.

13. Turquoise Ring

Especially popular in southwestern-style jewelry, turquoise rings make a gorgeous and colorful statement. They have special significance to Native American tribes and artists who created and wore exquisite creations featuring the stone. Turquoise has significance in Native American art because it is the color of the sky and is associated with heaven and the Creator. It is supposed to be a peace stone that brings calmness to the individual and is also believed to enhance your communication skills due to its association with the Vishuddhi.

Turquoise rings are often set in sterling silver and the gemstone is left unpolished to bring out its natural beauty and uniqueness. Turquoise jewelry was also associated with the '60s counterculture.

14. Rank Ring

Class rings are often purchased by graduating seniors to commemorate their high school years, or by college graduates to show off their school spirit.

15. Men's Engagement Rings

Many people have noticed the emerging trend of men's engagement rings. The younger generation does not follow traditions, they create a lot of things themselves.

16. Promise Ring

Promise rings are often given as a sort of "pre-engagement ring" meant to signify a promise for the future.

17. Posey Ring

Percy rings (also known as Percy rings, poem rings, or Percy rings) were popular in the Middle Ages and were often used as a token of love between lovers or a signal of secret love.

18. Snake Ring

The snake or serpent ring symbolizes eternal love. While snake rings have been worn throughout history, one of the most popular snake rings in history was the one given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert, setting off a trend during the Victorian era.

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