Do you know what the jewelry design and production process of Hengdian Company is like?

Do you know what the jewelry design and production process of Hengdian Company is like?


Understanding the jewelry making process can reduce misunderstandings in product customization communication, in this guide, you will know what the jewelry making process is like.

Do you know what the jewelry design and production process of Hengdian Company is like?

Hengdian is a reputable jewelry manufacturer dedicated to producing high quality and unique jewelry pieces. Here is the whole process of jewelry production in Hengdian Company.

1. CAD design/3D picture start-up

Hengdian jewelry designers will first design using CAD software, or they can use 3D pictures to provide a more realistic visual effect. This step is very important because it determines the final style and shape of the design.

2. Wax spraying

Next, the wax spraying technique is used to create the initial version of the jewelry model. Wax spraying is a technique that uses a sprayer to spray wax onto the model for subsequent operations.

3. Making the master

The jeweler then uses the spray wax model to create the master. A master is a hard material, similar to a mold used to create multiple jewelry models.

4. Laminating

After the master is made, the jeweler places the master on a laminating machine, which presses a plastic sheet onto the model. This produces an accurate model for subsequent operations.

5. Duplicate Wax Models

Next, the jeweler uses the duplicate wax model technique to create multiple models of the jewelry. These models are created by placing the wax molds into molten metal.6. Hand-setting the stones

6. Hand-setting the stones

After obtaining several jewelry models, the jeweler uses a manual technique to set the stones into the wax mold. This is a very important step, as it determines the appearance and value of the jewelry.

7. Waxing

Next, the jeweler places several wax models on a tree and uses an adhesive to hold them in place. This tree is called the "wax tree" because it will be used in subsequent stages to make the casts of the jewelry models.

8.Plaster wrapping

The jeweler will wrap the entire investment tree in plaster to make the mold easier to cast. This will ensure that each jewelry model has a perfect surface quality.

9.Burning wax

Next, the entire investment mold tree is placed in an oven where all the wax is burned off, leaving a hollow casting model.

10.Cutting the casting models

 The jeweler then uses a cutting tool to cut the investment mold tree into multiple individual casting models.

11.Sanding and Polishing

After separating the cast models, the jeweler will sand and polish them to ensure the surface finish and quality of each piece of jewelry.


Finally, the jeweler will use the plating technique metal coated with a thin film to add texture and durability to the jewelry.


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