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Hengdian Service FAQs

Too many good products to start with, how can I do?

It is very important to articulate the communication between you and hd jewelry when you are choosing a jewelry style. Here are five ways we can help you communicate effectively with hd jewelry so that you have a better buying experience.First, you should have a clear understanding of the style of jewelry you want to buy. If you have a jewelry style you like, you can send a picture of the style to hd jewelry so that hd jewelry can get a better idea of what you want. In addition, you can send hd jewelry your specific jewelry style requirements so that hd jewelry can more accurately meet your needs.Secondly, you should pay attention to the price when buying jewelry. You can determine the price of your jewelry purchase based on your budget and try to reach a win-win agreement with hd jewelry on price and quality whenever possible.Third, you should ask hd jewelry what the jewelry is made of and how the jewelry is made so you can get a better idea of whether the jewelry you are buying is trustworthy.Fourth, you can also ask hd jewelry if there are services that can be offered, such as customization services, or what special offers are available.Fifth, you can ask hd jewelry about the care of the jewelry before you buy it so that you can take better care of the jewelry when you use it to keep it beautiful for a long time.In conclusion, you should communicate effectively with hd jewelry when purchasing jewelry styles so that you can better understand what you want in jewelry and effectively fulfill your purchase needs.

ODM or OEM are allowed?

Sure, my dear friend! We have our own design team, which could help you design the Jewelry as your customized request, like the colors or the styles. When you choose OEM & ODM, MOQ will be 100-300pcs per style. But if you pay for the template, we will not limit the quantity! And if the total production quantity reaches MOQ, we will refund the template.ODM and OEM are two terms that are often used interchangeably in the electronics industry, but the differences between the two are significant. ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer and OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.ODM is a manufacturer that designs and produces a product and then sells it to another company to be marketed under that company’s own brand name. This is often referred to as “private labeling” or “white labeling.” This is often a cost-effective way for companies to outsource the development and production of their products while still enjoying the benefits of having their own brand name on the market.OEM is a manufacturer that produces a product to the exact specifications of another company. This company will then sell the product under the other company’s brand name. OEMs are often contracted by companies to produce large quantities of goods, such as electronic components, for resale.At our company, we offer both ODM and OEM services. We have a team of experienced designers, engineers, and technicians who can create custom products to meet your exact specifications. We also have a large production facility with the latest equipment and technology to ensure that your products are made with the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes.Our ODM services allow you to outsource the design and production of your products, while still retaining your brand name. We have the expertise and resources to help you come up with innovative designs that are tailored to your needs. We can also help you optimize the production process to ensure that your products are cost-effective and efficient.Our OEM services provide you with large-scale production of your products. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your products are made with the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes. We also have the expertise and resources to help you create efficient production processes that can meet your needs.At our company, we believe in providing our customers with high-quality products and services. Our ODM and OEM services are designed to meet your specific needs, allowing you to create innovative products without having to worry about the manufacturing process. We are committed to providing the best customer service and highest quality products, and we look forward to working with you.

Can you give me samples for quality check?

Requesting product samples is one effective way to understand the quality of a company's products. Here are some ways to contact us to request samples.Find information on our official website. When we are able to send you samples, we provide information on our website about requesting product samples, including the types of samples, the application process and notes. If you don't have the information, you can also contact us through our contact information on the website.Send an email. Send us a request for product samples via email. It is better to briefly introduce yourself in the email, introduce yourself or your company, explain what kind of products you need, and leave your contact information so that we can contact you promptly at the first time we receive the information. At the same time, you can continue to pay attention to our product updates, there is always one that you like.Contact by phone. Calling can be more direct and quick to reach our business manager. Ask on the phone if we have a policy of providing product samples for the product you like, and if so, ask about the application process and related notes, etc. If we do not have a policy of providing samples for that product, you can also briefly introduce your situation and make a request.Attend relevant trade shows. Large industry exhibitions often have numerous companies showcasing their products. Visiting the exhibition allows you to get in touch with the company's products in person and communicate with the company's representatives. At the show, you can ask the company if they provide samples and learn about the application process, precautions, etc.Whichever way you take, focus on courtesy and patience. For companies, providing product samples is a marketing tool, but there are also costs and benefits to consider. Therefore, if you cannot get a positive response, don't be too pushy or overly aggressive in asking questions.

If quality problems happen, what should I do?

When making e-commerce purchases, if quality problems occur, buyers first need to contact Hengdian in a timely manner to resolve them. The following are the aspects from which buyers can approach Hengdian to solve quality problems when they occur:Hengdian's business teamIf communication through the e-commerce platform customer service still can not solve the problem, it is recommended to contact the Hengdian Temple customer service directly. Take the initiative to communicate, so that the Hengdian Temple know the specifics of the problem, so that the Hengdian Temple can give a better solution to the problem. Contacting Hengdian customer service can be done in various ways such as online customer service, telephone and email.Platform business teamIf there is a quality problem when purchasing goods, you can directly contact the e-commerce platform customer service to solve the problem. In most cases, customer service will communicate with Hengdian as soon as possible to solve the problem as fast as possible. Therefore, if quality problems occur after purchasing goods, it is recommended to first consult and handle complaints through the e-commerce platform customer service.Return and exchange policyDifferent e-commerce platforms have different return and exchange policies, buyers can refer to the corresponding return and exchange policy and operate according to the category of goods they purchased. In the return process, it is recommended to take photos of the goods and save the relevant documents to protect your rights and interests.When dealing with quality issues, you also need to pay attention to the following matters:1. Save the proof of purchaseWhen purchasing goods, please keep the invoice and other proof of purchase. For some high-value goods, you also need to properly save the relevant documents and contracts and other information.2. Early contact with the business team of HengdianWhen you encounter quality problems, you can complain early to get a solution more quickly and protect your legal rights.3. Maintain a good communication relationshipWhen dealing with quality problems, you need to establish a good communication relationship with Hengdian. Both sides should communicate proactively to better solve the problem.By contacting and solving quality problems in the above ways, buyers can be more targeted to solve the quality problems of goods and protect their rights and interests. Regardless of any problems, please be the first to find the business team of Hengdian, we will properly deal with your problems and get your satisfaction!

Can I get discount?

During the shopping process, people often notice if Hengdian has special offers and choose whether to buy our products based on these activities. There are several ways to find out about Hengdian promotions:HengDian's homepage or product detail pageWhen we have discounts, we ourselves open product pages on our website with simultaneous updates to show you the promotional information it offers. On these pages, we usually clearly mark the current promotions offered, such as limited time discounts, full discounts, etc. You can browse these pages to know the current promotions.Platform activity pageIt is important to know that we have many channels of online sales paths, especially e-commerce platforms, which regularly launch various promotional activities and display the information of participating sellers and products in the platform activity pages. Generally speaking, these activities cover multiple categories and are larger in scale and impact than individual sellers' promotions. For everyone, in addition to our official website, you can also learn about our online store on top of Alibaba. By visiting the platform activities page and filtering the relevant conditions, you can quickly find the activities and product information that Hengdian is participating in.Search functionYou can use the search function of the e-commerce platform to find the list of products corresponding to a certain keyword of Hengdian products. These product listings may come with promotions such as discounts or the use of coupons, and you can choose to buy based on this information. On some e-commerce platforms, you can also get the latest promotion information by setting keyword alerts.Coupons and Red PacketsHengdian issues coupons and red packets from time to time on all e-commerce platforms for buyers to offset the price of goods when shopping. We usually post the coupon or bonus information on our own store or product detail page, or through the event page within the platform. Buyers can receive these coupons or red packets to enjoy a more favorable shopping experience.Social MediaWe post offers on social media, such as for example, YouTube, INS, Facebook, etc. Buyers can get the latest promotion information by following Hengdian's accounts on social media.In short, being aware of Hengdian's special offers will help you choose items more wisely and save money on your purchases. We welcome your inquiries!

How can I order?

1. Choose the product. You can initiate inquiry to us through our product link, select your favorite product and leave your WhatsApp or other contact information, our sales manager will contact you within 24h and provide you with 1V1 service.2. Confirm the order. After selecting the products you like, the sales manager will customize the best price for your order and send you a pro forma invoice. After making sure that all the prices of the ordered products are correct, your order will be officially confirmed.3. Pay the order. After you see the order link we send you, you can pay for your order at your free time through channels such as Paypal or T/T. 4.4. Delivery of goods. After your purchase order is completed with payment, we will make sure the products are shipped correctly and send the goods via DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. within the shipping time. Usually it takes 3~7 days for delivery, at this time you can wait for your desired products to arrive within the time.5. Logistics tracking: We will send you the courier number on WhatsApp, and at the same time, we will also track the logistics of the goods throughout the process.6. After-sales service. If you find any problem with the goods, please contact us in time, we will give you a satisfactory answer. Dear friends, you can shop with confidence.